Fish Tacos – Almond Crusted Monkfish with Quick Pickled Vegetables 

I was sent a beautiful health & wellness box from those snazzy folks at Countdown. Everything inside was from the Macro range, which focuses on simple ingredients & includes superfoods, raw foods, free range & organic. Right up our alley! When I saw the almond meal I knew I wanted to try it out as a crust for some fish. Bring on the fish tacos!
River & I ate these outside under this big old tree surrounded by the blossom, the birds & the peace & quiet. Ok so she actually got the deconstructed, no chilli, no jalapeño version but… ya know details! Here is the recipe if you want to recreate these beauties. fish taco

For The Fish
2 large fillets of fish –  cut into bitesize pieces, I used Monkfish
1 egg – beaten
1/3 cup flour – I used white flour but you can use tapioca flour to make it Gluten Free. Season the flour with salt
1 cup Almond Meal – I used Macro brand from Countdown

Crumb the fish by coating in flour, then egg, then almond meal. Place, covered, on a clean plate in the fridge while you prepare the rest of the elements.

For the vegetables

3 Tablespoons white vinegar
1 teaspoon white sugar
½ teaspoon salt
a handful of your choice of vegetables – I used sliced red onion & cucumber

Combine the pickling ingredients & vegetables in a small bowl taste and add more salt or sugar until you are happy. Leave to macerate in the fridge while you prepare the rest of the elements.

For the tacos
You can go wild here but here is what I used.

2 x Readymade Taco/wrap/tortilla (before I had children I used to use Al Browns taco recipe to make my own, now I’m all about the packet option!) use a GF option to make Gluten free.
2 large pieces of iceberg lettuce
Cherry tomatoes – quartered
Avocado – sliced
Spicy sauce – I used a Mexican adobo one which is super firey!
Lemon cheeks & herbs to serve- I used mint & flat leaf parsley because I had them growing in the garden but coriander would be perfect

To Assemble

Cook fish in batches in a pan with a little oil on a medium heat. Do not crowd the pan. 

Heat your taco element as per recommendations, microwave for 15 seconds worked for me.
Spread with mayonnaise, top with iceberg, then tomato, avocado, pickled vegetables from the fridge, jalapenos, and top with spicy sauce.

Eat with a friend outside. Perfection.

fish taco