I read a lot. Well I haven’t actually read a whole actual book since before Hunter was born, but I read a lot… online. Often at crazy times of the day, so the articles have to be quick enough that they hold my interest, but not too mindless that it makes me feel like mother hood has sucked my brain cells out.

Here are my faves this week 

The Epidemic Amongst Modern Mums which is far far far too close for comfort.

This post reminding us to be kind by my friend Amy, owner of NZ childrens clothing company Thomas Pie  

A Whole Good Day which is on The Spinoff website so you just know it will be good.

I have also had this recipe for Peanut Butter & Banana Cookies by Kelly Gibney saved for way to long so maybe if I share it here someone will make it (virtually) with me, we can discuss (online) how good they are and I can tick that off my to do list (see article 1!!).

If you are a mother, I hope you had a glorious Mothers Day and to everyone, lets have a great week, or a good one at the very least.

xxx Jana