I’ve loved getting to know Pip and the Three Bags Full team over the last few months. I really value the quality of their Merino children’s wear and the conscious decisions they make with their brand. My husband Hamish’s family farm converted from sheep to dairy some years ago now but wool is still very close to his heart and he has taught me a lot about the benefits of this fibre. I adore dressing my children in wool as I know they will be protected from the elements while also breathing well too. 

The more I learnt about Three Bags Full the more I thought that I wanted to share the story with you too. Get snuggly on the couch and have read.

Oh hey Pip, thanks for being here! Firstly can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hey Jana! Wellllll….I kinda think of myself as a quintessential kiwi tom-boy!! I grew up on a sheep farm, riding horses, climbing trees, and just generally doing things that kiwi farm girls do. I was lucky enough to have parents who took us skiing, so I developed a love for the mountains and snow from a young age. This drew me to Queenstown at the age of 21, where I met and married my husband. 4 kids later (pictured above, now aged between 4 and 13)…and here I am!


Let’s talk about Three Bags Full. I understand you just celebrated 10 years in business, what motivated you to launch this unique business?
After the birth of our eldest son, I was really surprised at the lack of NZ made merino children’s clothing available, and especially the fact there was nothing other than singlets and underwear…so Tracey (pictured below) and I got together and started talking…and Three Bags Full was born!

Pips business Partner Tracey Van Herel and her family

Could you tell us a little about your production and why you chose to stay in NZ?
Our production is all done in NZ, because we made a conscious decision that we wanted to support the slowly dwindling industries within our own country, which provide jobs for New Zealanders who work in state-of-the-art factories with fantastic working conditions, and produce premium quality garments, which Three Bags Full are renowned for.

Why do your customers keep coming back for more?
We have an incredibly high return-customer rate which is due to the quality of our garments and merino wool. Three Bags Full uses ZQ certified merino wool which is an accreditation programme that ensures the highest standards of animal welfare and traceability of all fabric back to its source. We personally have garments that are 10 years old, which still look as good as new after having been passed down through 4 children…so we are always confident standing behind our products 100%!!

River in Three Bags Full top and pants

How do you handle criticism?
To be honest, we have had very little, if any(!) criticism since we began 10 years ago. However I have always appreciated any feedback from customers as it always an opportunity to improve on your service or products.

What’s changed since the early days?
Life is about a thousand times busier than it was 10 years ago…I now have 4 children who have very busy lives that I manage in between work and home. It’s a myth that life gets easier as they grow up…it actually gets much much busier!! The business has however got really streamlined systems in place now and we find that these make our day-to-day jobs a lot easier.

Hunter in Three Bags Full top

What’s next for Three Bags Full?
We’d love to extend the range over the next 12 months, and also are focusing on Northern Hemisphere markets, which is the next big step for us.

Thanks so much for having the time to catch up Pip I’ve really enjoyed it! And for everyone reading we have a free worldwide shipping code which is valid from now until July 15th. Just use the code below on the website so get shopping, you wont regret it xxx


Hunter in Three Bags Full Hoodie