This was a bit of a throw together but a couple of people asked for the recipe so I’m going to do it from memory because jeepers she was tasty! And healthy, tick!
To cook the chicken and make the stock
Sauté 1 diced onion and 1 diced carrot then add the whole chicken and give him a wee brown before covering with boiling water. I also added some thyme & rosemary from our garden but any sturdy herbs should be sweet. I added a continental chicken stock gel portion as well but it’s not essential. Plus salt & pepper then simmer until the chicken is cooked through.
I did this a day prior then cooled & shredded the chicken and set aside.
To assemble soup
I sautéed some mushrooms then added the stock to bring up to a simmer. Taste the stock and adjust seasoning, I added a good few lugs of soy sauce here and a pinch more salt.
To plate
In your bowl put your Zucchini noodles (raw as the stock will cook them). Then your shredded chicken.
Pour over the stock then top with

A good heaped spoon of chilli sambal.
– Grated ginger, I did a good large knob on the microplane
– Squeeze of lemon, lime would be amaze
– Couple of sprigs of flat leaf parsley from the garden, coriander would be ideal but mine always dies!
– A few cherry tomatoes.
Boom. Cold be gone!

xx Jana