Oh hey there my babes,

Here’s the thing, I often just stare at you both, trying to commit your intricate beauty to memory. I yearn to remember just how you are at this very moment, but in case my memory fails me here are some gems that I can’t bear to forget.

Hunter, it’s the feel of your soft silky skin. It’s your pure blonde angelic hair and the fuzzy spot on the back of your head that I know will be gone so very soon with your first proper haircut.

It’s the look of unconditional love and joy on your face when you see your sister. There is a special place in your heart just for her, you throw your arms up and you need to “tuddle Wiver”. It’s a big deep cuddle too.

It’s your sense of humour, often taking me by surprise. Tonight’s comments when placing empty water glasses on the table for dinner “For Daddy’s beer?” oh how we laughed!

It’s your determination; I can see myself in you here. I recognise you are teaching me to slow down, to relax. You really are pretty clever.

It’s the look on your face when you say, and I recognise, a new word or phrase. “Mummy’s toast with peanut?” I’m not sure who is more delighted with the comprehension, you or me?

It’s your love of nature and the outdoors. One of your first words was ‘outside’ and this is undoubtedly your special place. Your triangle of entertainment is the garden shed, planter boxes and The Garage. So content and calm you are when you have had your dose of outside. I love it when you bring me in a harvest to cook up and then eat together.

It’s your energy, your voice, and your enthusiasm.

And your rosy red cheeks that I love to spy when you are sleeping.

The babes

River, it’s your whole body smiling when I first catch your eye after a nap.

It’s your tiny squishy feet bouncing from beneath your highchair.

It’s the frown you make when I brush your teeth.

It’s your dimpled fingers intently discovering the buttons on my shirt.

It’s the wordless language you share with your brother, the sound of you laughing together is my single greatest pleasure.

It’s your edible thighs kicking the air while you roll on the floor.

It’s your feet & hands twirling when you want to be picked up, and the squeal of delight when I willingly oblige.

It’s your piecing blue eyes that I truly believe speak to me. They tell me that you understand an enormous amount.

It’s your enthusiasm for food. You want to hold it, look at it, taste it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It’s the stark differences between you and your brother. He is rock and roll and you are classical all the way. Its your similarities too though, your youthful round tummies and almost identical faces while asleep.

But there’s something else my babies, something I didn’t expect. It is the influence you have had on my husband. I loved him before you were born but I was unsure of what sort of father he would be. Well he is gentle, patient and calm. He is compassionate caring and perceptive. He is adventurous, fun and competent. I love this about you too; you have made my husband an amazing father.