My Food Bag is delicious, easy & convenient for the family

On Sunday a box of goodness arrived on our doorstep. It was like Christmas opening up the My Food Bag Winter Warmers box!

This new and exciting box has just launched so you can try it out for yourself, it features two slow cooked recipes each week which is perfect for the cooler months and makes dinners so easy and convenient for families!

When I think of winter meals I often think of heavy carbs, but opening up the box I was so pleased to see an array of green vegetables! As a mum, it’s so important to get a good balance of carbs and veggies into my families bellies.

The other thing I noticed while unpacking the box was the packaging. I was so impressed to see how thoughtful and sustainable it was. Yes, some things do need to be packed up, but the use of the brown paper, cardboard and recyclable elements were great. AND then there was the ‘Wool Cool’ which is literally just wool to keep items chilled. VERY COOL… Ha! I couldn’t resist ok?! But seriously, my husband grew up on a sheep farm and to use wool in this application is fantastic! I also love that it is reusable, recyclable and compostable!! Being able to support a company who are conscious of their packaging is a tick tick tick!!

Back to the food Jana!

We loved having tasty and interesting meals every night.

Oh yes we did! I am really the only one who cooks in our house so the new meal ideas AND shopping arriving on the doorstep made getting My Food Bag such a refreshing change, and one I would like to do regularly now. 

As I cooked up the first dish I caught a glimpse of Nadia Lim spinning on the dance floor on telly, while I was spinning around in my pinny in the kitchen! I love that this company is NZ owned and operated. 

The Winter Warmers box we tried had 4 adult meals over 4 nights. It included two classic winter meals and two delicious slow cooked meals with premium cuts of meat and ingredients. This meant we had leftovers for lunches and even some leftovers to go in the freezer for pie filling on a rainy day!

I prepared one meal the night before, chucking it all in the fridge overnight. All I had to do was add a couple more ingredients and turn the slow cooker on in the morning! This was one of the best ideas ever! It meant that I spent all day being present with my kids and not worrying about dinner.

Ok so tell us about the food I hear you saying! We had the following over four delicious nights:

  • Lamb Dahl w cucumber yoghurt & roti
  • Beef Bibimbap 
  • Chicken & Leek Pie w Broccoli
  • Pulled Beef Stroganoff w Potato Mash

Every night we all left the table well feed! The meals were super versatile and felt like both adults and children had been considered when designing the dishes. For instance, if there was anything I was unsure the kids would eat, like chili flakes, I could easily serve that on the side or just add it to my meal!

In summary guys, we loved it and I think you will too! Head to My Food Bag and choose your My Winter Warmers Box for your family and get ready for a delicious, affordable week of meals. You can also use my promo code JANA to get $30 off your first order! This can be used for Bargain Box and Fresh Start too.