I was ecstatic when countdown opened in Queenstown because hallelujah ONLINE SHOPPING!

When Hunter was younger he hated the car and this was honestly a huge stress. I would literally do anything to avoid going in the car it was that bad. So I have been a fan for a long time but I wonder how many of you know much about this amazing service? I went online last night and did a big shop in between River waking (teeth going on there I think, always teeth right?!). I am pretty speedy at ordering now because I know what I like to get and it also prompts me at the end in case I have forgotten things that I normally purchase. Hello Whittakers chocolate… oh hey now you mention it, why not?! This meant that this morning I didn’t have to rush off to the supermarket while Hunter was at day-care, instead River & I took the dog for a long extended walk.

I saw the light hitting new snow on The Remarkables while sipping my well-deserved (second!) coffee, I worked up a sweat reaching hills that I don’t normally have time to get to. Time is precious, so save it when you can right?

It might sound trivial but countdown you have literally changed our lives! Thanks for doing that thing you do.
You can find out more here