Easter is a long, chocolate filled, holiday. I think it is also nice to do something festive and fun for the kids, that doesn’t involve a sugar high!

Here are my personalised bunny egg cups, we will have soft boiled eggs and soldiers with my wee ones on Easter Sunday then go out chocolate egg hunting! Because, balance, right?!

Easter Egg Cups

What you need
– plain egg cups. mine were $2.99 from Briscoe’s
– sharpie pen, if you can find an oil based sharpie that is best

1. Practice your drawings on some paper and when you are ready, draw your design on your egg cup. Be careful not to smudge your design with your hand as you are drawing. I did a rabbit picture on one side and mummy, daddy, kids names, on the other side of the egg cup. But play around and have fun with it.
2. Set your egg cups aside to dry overnight. You can go over your design again but you will need to let it dry again before placing in the oven.
3. place your egg cups in a cold oven and turn to 180c. when the oven comes to temperature (approx. 10 minutes) “cook” for 30minutes. turn off the oven and leave the egg cups in the oven to cool down. This prevents cracking.
Viola, you are done!

To care for your egg cups.
Hand wash rather than put them in the dishwasher.
You can use an acrylic sealant to seal the design even further but as this is used for food purposes, I have not used this method here.

Easter Egg Cups