Let’s talk gifts. Let’s talk gifts for men.

How unbelievably hard is it to find presents for the special guys in our life that they will like, and actually use, AND that you want to give them?!

Then, to add insult to injury, if you are as lucky as I am, your husbands birthday is 3 weeks before Christmas. That is like a double present whammy conundrum!

I thought I would actually ask hubby what he wanted this year. Great idea right? I personally love pointing him in a certain direction if it ever happens to come up in conversation, you know, 2 weeks before certain Big Dates.
Now I’m not joking, he said “underpants.” yes we are at that stage of our 8 year relationship. Ok so I did get him new undies but I couldn’t leave it at that. The search was still on.

This is why, when JORD, the wooden watch specialists, contacted me to work together me I was STOKED! This is a gift I would be proud to give my husband and given his new job as a marriage celebrant, keeping time in a stylish manor is incredibly important. Yes! JORD wooden watches is ticking (intentional watch pun thank you please) a lot of boxes! And as my 2 young children grow up and take their first steps, sing their first Christmas carols and eat their first birthday cake I am constantly reminded of how precious time really is.
So for hubbys birthday this year we celebrated. With a 4 pack of undies, time spent together, a beautiful new watch and whole lotta chocolate cake.
He said it was “perfect”.

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Merry Christmas and happy shopping lovelies.