Who doesn’t love a food hack?! What about a CHRISTMAS food hack?!
Well I have a beauty for you! Walk out of the kitchen on Christmas Day with this Pav and prepare yourself for a standing ovation. This is a showstopper but with very minimal effort.

I partnered with Countdown to create this Passionfruit & Elderflower Pavlova. Countdown has a range of products and ingredients on price lockdown to help make Christmas easy and affordable this year. This pavlova worked out to be under $30 in cost* and would feed 18 people easily! The Pavlovas themselves are only $9.90.

I loved wandering around and looking at the produce and planning my dish, I picked the pomegranate from the fresh fruit area and right beside that was the Cowells Pavlova. So easy! But even easier is getting it delivered straight to my door. I have already started my list and will be locking in my delivery soon using Countdown’s online shopping service to avoid the mayhem.

As this is a layered dessert and garnished with cream it is best to prepare it no longer than an hour before serving. But because it is so easy you won’t have to! You can easily serve this at a casual BBQ Xmas or at a formal setting and you’ll get equally the same amazing responses! I have listed the equipment needed in case you are doing this outside of your own kitchen this Christmas.

Happy cooking, Merry Christmas.

Be kind, stay safe

Xx Jana

Passionfruit & Elderflower Pavlova


  • 2 Cowells Pavlova 300 gram
  • 1 Countdown Passionfruit Pulp 170gram
  • 500 ml Countdown Fresh Cream
  • ½ cup + 1 Tablespoon Elderflower cordial – I used homemade but a great alternative is Barkers Lime & Elderflower Cordial Countdown


  • Fresh As freeze dried raspberries
  • Elderflowers and/or flowers of your choice. Cut stems on an angle so they insert nicely.
  • Pomegranate seeds


  • Sharp large knife to cut the pavlovas in half
  • Cake stand or plate for serving
  • Whisk or electric beaters (or pre whip the cream if working without power)
  • 3 other plates to place cut pieces on while working
  • Chopping board for prepping
  • Scissors for cutting any straggly bits off flowers
  • Spoons for spreading cream and passionfruit
  • Cloth for cleaning up
  • Serving dishes as per your preference


  1. Prepare garnish and get serving plate/stand ready
  2. Whip cream, it needs to be stiff, as we are adding the cordial to it, but don’t over whip. IF you do, add a splash of runny cream to bring it back to life.
  3. Add elderflower cordial to cream. Stir to combine.
  4. Cut pavlova in half through the middle. Place a “bottom” on your cake stand. And put the “top” on a plate for later. The middle of the pavlova is sticky so turn upside down when placing on your plate so it doesn’t stick.
  5. Prepare to layer the 4 slices. Spread bottom with cream about 1cm high and spoon over passionfruit around the edge so that when sandwiched together a little will run down the side but you will still get a passionfruit hit when you get a slice.
  6. Place your other “bottom” on and repeat.
  7. Place a “top” on and repeat.
  8. Place your last “top” on.
  9. Spoon cream over the top and garnish. You can garnish any way you please but here is how I did mine. First with freeze dried raspberries, crumbled a little, around the outside in a circle. Then passionfruit and pomegranate. Then placed some roses and elderflower in the centre. SO easy but so impressive!

Recipe Notes

*Note some ingredients were only partly used IE ½ a pomegranate. This is reflected in the final price.