I’m not exactly sure where it started, perhaps it’s an age thing? Mid thirties over here thank you. Or perhaps it was learning more about my son’s intricacies (including Sensory Processing Disorder see this post for more but slowly our little family have started a journey to simplify things. We are by no means perfect, and we are still learning, but gently we are minimising our belongings and making conscious decisions about what goes into and onto our bodies.

We are asking the questions
Do we love it?
Do we need it?
Is it worth it?
Is it doing no harm?

My husband and I used to live fast-paced lives, and whilst we still feel busy, there is a clarity of time that comes with having children, it forces you to enjoy the small moments. At my husband’s recent birthday he told me his favourite part of the day was our children running in to wake him up with a trail of balloons following them, and his homemade birthday cards in their chubby wee hands. Simplicity.

At home we aim to make the majority of our food ourselves. We like to grow our own produce (ok my husband Hamish does but I like to take the credit!), and we have experimented with kombucha,  home brewing, and foraging. This is just the tip of the iceburg lettuce (homegrown pun there, you with me people?) and I know 2019 will see more projects in both the garden and kitchen.

So what about what we put on our bodies? What about our precious skin?
Whenhttp://bit.ly/OkanaBC Okana Skin Care approached me I was excited to learn more, here is what got me curious…

  • The products are 100% natural and contain no additives, fragrance, alcohol, preservatives or harmful chemicals, in fact, all ingredients are so fresh they are edible!
  • The product range contain a maximum of 7 all-natural ingredients
  • The list of ingredients on the back is not full of numbers and unpronounceable words.  Every ingredient in Okana Skin Care is natural, simple and familiar
  • Okana Skin Care uses potent plant-based ingredients proven to be effective.

So that is all good to READ all the good things… but I wonder how well they would rate! I put the range to the test.

I went in all guns blazing. On with the Apple Juice Foaming Cleanser, then the Cucumber + Lettuce Juice Toner and finished with the Vegetable Garden Day Moisturiser.

First thing I noticed was the lack of fragrance! I think I was expecting to be smacked in the face with fruit and vegetable aromas but those fragrances in skincare are usually artificial.

The fact that Okana Skin Care has no fragrance was a welcome change. Beautifully natural! And my skin felt great! I love a foaming cleanser (there is an oil based option in the range too), I love the really ‘clean’ feel and the day moisturiser left my skin feeling luscious and glowy. I love me some glowy, that is totally a word now by the way!

My daily routine now features the three products above, plus the Berry Blend Night Moisturiser and I have the Brown Sugar & Olive Oil Body Scrub in the shower for my ‘Sunday Shower’. You guys have Sunday Showers too right? The one where you take your time, you do the ‘once-a-week’ pampering? Ahhh I love that pampering session.

So if you are intrigued in natural skin care that delivers, pick up some Okana Skin Care at your local supermarket, or shop online at okana.co.nz, and experience the glowy feel for yourself!
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Xx Jana